Residence Permit in Greece when purchasing real estate

To get Residence Permit in Greece when purchasing real estate: advantages of getting the status, basic specific details of the investment programme, algorithm of actions, experts` assistance
Residence Permit
in Greece through real estate

A lot of European countries show interest in attracting investors. For this purpose, they develop investment programmes that offer beneficial opportunities for non-residents in exchange for funds investing. Greece is not an exception of this trend – foreigners get the Residence Permit when purchasing real estate. This opportunity seems to be rather attractive for some Russian businessmen and persons with consistently high income.
Why Greece?
This country cannot be referred to most economically developed countries within the European Union, however, the investment programme of Greece is very popular among businessmen. What is so attractive about getting the Residence Permit in Greece? It is all quite simple – this status will grant the foreigners a huge number of advantages:

  • Short time required for documents preparation;
  • No need to permanently live within the country;
  • Unlimited right to extend the Residence Permit;
  • Visa-free travel to the Schengen zone;
  • Status extension to spouse and children;
  • Capital withdrawal to one of the most reliable European banks;
  • Possibility to use medical care;
  • Possibility to get education in universities of Europe;
  • Low crime rate;
  • Investments into tourism business.
Residence Permit in Greece when purchasing real estate will further facilitate obtaining of citizenship. However, an investor can stay within the country without citizenship.

Special aspects of the investment programme

First of all, non-residents shall be aware of the following: participation in the programme applies not only to the person who is involved. The programme covers a husband / wife and their minor children. Parents and grandchildren can be included into the programme for some extra charge.

Only those non-residents who have purchased an apartment or a house for the amount of not less than 250 000 Euro are allowed to get the Residence Permit in Greece. However, it is not that easy to do since the investor shall:

  • Study the legislation;
  • Be aware of the real estate market condition;
  • Have skills of selecting readily transferable facilities;
  • Make a transaction in accordance with any special aspects of the law.
Then the bureaucratic machine shall be started, therefore, extensive skills in various fields and experience of business conduction outside the country will be required. Otherwise, the standard procedure will take 6-7 months and in case of documents return – one year. But life can be much easier if you apply for professionals` support in solving different issues.
Benefits from applying
for specialists` assistance

Our team offers you assistance in getting the Residence Permit in Greece. There can be no overwhelming tasks for our experts. We are ready:

  • To arrange for transfer;
  • Select a set of documents;
  • Select the investment target;
  • To arrive to the site to conclude a transaction;
  • To act as representatives in government institutions and so on.
Upon your request, we will provide you with a package of services thus saving you the troubles caused due to the process of getting a new status.
If you haven`t made your decision yet, our experts will be eager to give you free consultation on any issues. Please contact us and you will become part of the European Union fast!

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