How can a citizenship in Montenegro be acquired when purchasing real estate?

To acquire citizenship in Montenegro: advantages of the citizenship status, pluses of Residence Permit registration, participation in the programme in case of real estate purchase, citizenship by investment
Is it possible to acquire citizenship in Montenegro by purchasing real estate?
Montenegro is rather a small country on the Adriatic seashore that is very popular among Russians. After they once come here for holidays, they start thinking of moving here forever. And this dream can really become true if you acquire citizenship in Montenegro by purchasing real estate. Although, this is quite a complicated procedure that requires a huge amount of data and patience.
What gives you a status of a citizen?
It is not possible for a Russians to acquire citizenship in Montenegro by purchasing real estate. You should know about it when looking for a nice bungalow at the seashore. However, the owner of real estate has the right for a different legal status – Residence Permit. It will give a good many of benefits to you:

  • the possibility to freely move around the country, as well as cross the borders in both directions;
  • the right to stay within the country during any period of time;
  • unlimited extension of the Residence Permit validity period;
  • distribution of the status to other members of the family;
  • application for free medical aid;
  • the right to make use of preferences.
Five years later a non-resident can apply for Residence Permit and then file documents to acquire citizenship the same time period later. Foreigners that follow this procedure normally do not get refusals. Since the basic and crucial condition for the application to be approved is still the ownership of real estate.

If citizenship in Montenegro by purchasing real estate seems to be too long-lasting and time consuming, you can try to become resident by investments. In this case, the issue can be resolved within a short period of time. A new passport will give you a list of advantages:

  • you will acquire all the privileges of a citizen;
  • you will get the possibility to conduct business and operate within the country;
  • you will get freedom of movement within the countries of the Schengen zone;
  • beneficial tax system;
  • social and political safety;
  • living in good environment.

This country seems to be attractive for many foreigners due to its location and prospects of tourism development and growth.
Underlying potential problems related to governmental programmes
When purchasing an apartment or a house with the further prospect for citizenship the authorities haven't set the financial minimum. This makes this programme extremely attractive but you should bear in mind that there are some specific aspects of the documents preparation. And since the real estate market is on the upswing, it will not be that easy to choose the most suitable and appropriate facilities. Moreover, an applicant for a passport shall have medical insurance and an account in the local bank for the amount of about Euro 4 000.

Purchase of citizenship in Montenegro by investing has become possible since January the first this year. The programme is half-developed that is why it is immensely difficult to figure everything out:

  • the irrevocable fee (Euro 100 000) shall be considered;
  • administrative expenditures;
  • the amount of the main investment (lower limit is set within Euro 250 000);
  • pass rigorous selection against several points and so on.

For most potential applicants, these specific aspects become disabling burdens and therefore they apply for professionals` support.
A team of specialists
Our company will help you purchase citizenship by taking all the burdens and difficulties associated with the procedure:

  • we can select assets;
  • we can find a real estate asset;
  • we can support and facilitate the deal;
  • we can manage the cooperation with the registering authorities and some other problems.
We provide free consultations, and for those who are confident in their choice, we offer a package of services as well as assistance in solving some individual issues.

You can arrange for a passport of Montenegro quite quickly and without any extra charges with us!
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