We arrange documents for Residence Permit in Montenegro by purchasing real estate

To acquire Residence Permit in Montenegro by purchasing real estate: advantages of Residence Permit acquiring, specific aspects and difficulties of the procedure, pluses of applying for specialists.
Residence Permit in Montenegro by purchasing real estate
Living on the seashore in beautiful landscapes is the dream of most Russians. This dream can come true by acquiring Residence Permit in Montenegro by purchasing real estate.
What is so attractive about the investment programme?
Montenegro is enormously interesting for Russians not only due to its mild climate, resorts and membership in the European Union, but also due to the possibility to arrange for residence permit by purchasing real estate. Free staying within the country shows a number of obvious benefits:

  • Low cost of living;
  • mild climate;
  • great opportunities for having rest;
  • affinity of the language and way of thinking;
  • the right to use medical services (provided that taxes are paid for all incomes to the budget of the state);
  • free education;
  • access to loans at beneficial percentage rates;
  • obtaining a driving license of the European type;
  • the right to purchase and register a car.

Currently, Montenegro is not included into the Schengen zone but is a candidate and can become member of the Schengen zone at any moment. That is why non-residents who have Residence Permit will get additional opportunity to visit EU countries without any visa.
Key moments of the programme
Foreigners think that real estate is the best method to arrange for Residence Permit in Montenegro. This option became available 4 years ago after launching a special state programme. It is characterized by a number of advantages as compared to other similar projects effective in European countries:

  • minimum list of requirements for an applicant;
  • no conditions related to the minimum cost of the facility;
  • the possibility to purchase residential and non-residential real estate;
  • well-coordinated work of the bureaucratic machine.
Despite the loyalty of authorities, one should bear in mind that when the status is acquired, a foreigner is not allowed to leave the country for a period exceeding one month as well as to sell an apartment, office or house. In this case he/she can face deprivation of the residence permit.

Moreover, the investing procedure is related to a huge number of difficulties:

  • investigation of real estate market;
  • documents preparation for the transaction;
  • observation of all the required conditions;
  • collection of documents and so on.
Moreover, communication with the registering authorities is structured not so easily since it is performed only in the Montenegrin language. Due to the listed specific aspects preparation for this status acquiring on one`s own does not seem to be the best option for non-residents.

Professionals` work
Our company will help you purchase citizenship by taking all the burdens and difficulties associated with the procedure:

  • we can select assets;
  • we can find a real estate asset;
  • we can support and facilitate the deal;
  • we can manage the cooperation with the registering authorities and some other problems.
We provide free consultations, and for those who are confident in their choice, we offer a package of services as well as assistance in solving some individual issues.

You can arrange for a passport of Montenegro quite quickly and without any extra charges with us!
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