Spanish citizenship by buying real estate

How to obtain the Spanish citizenship by buying real estate: a description of the advantages, features of the procedure, complications and pitfalls, where to seek help.
Spanish citizenship by buying real estate
Spain is a sunny and hospitable country that looks very attractive for permanent residence. It is usually accompanied by a change in legal status. Many foreigners believe that the easiest way to get Spanish citizenship is by buying real estate.
Advantages of the new status
Not every foreigner understands the advantages of Spanish citizenship. In fact, they make a rather long list:

  • no need to renew the residence permit on a regular basis;
  • the right to move freely throughout the European Union;
  • the opportunity to work within the Schengen zone;
  • facilitated procedure for obtaining visas to Japan, the U.S. and other countries where it is difficult to apply for entry permits for some other countries' citizens;
  • right to medical care and education;
  • enjoyment of social benefits and state subsidies;
  • big opportunities for business.
Obtaining the Spanish citizenship for foreigners through the purchase of real estate is a good chance to save and multiply investments. Every year real estate in Europe is becoming more expensive and in the future, if necessary, a foreigner can fully recover the investment.

Nuances of the procedure
Many non-residents who dream of settling in the Kingdom choose to buy real estate in Spain - citizenship in this case is issued under the preferential program. However, its registration takes a long and difficult path with lots of pitfalls.
The most difficult is the choice of the object of investment. The investor must invest in it at least 500 000 euros, but to find a really worthwhile apartment or house in Spain is extremely difficult. The rating is influenced by many factors: neighborhood, location, number of floors of the building and not only. To understand this without special knowledge is almost impossible.
Also, a foreigner needs to have information about:
• specifics of the purchase and sale operation;
• nuances of obtaining a residence permit and then a new passport;
• set of necessary documents and not only.
What do we help with?
It is better to solve all of these matters with the support of experienced experts. These are the kind of experts our team is made up of. With our help it will be much easier to get Spanish citizenship by buying real estate!
We offer our clients packages of services, so that we completely relieve them of the care of changing their nationality. In addition, we can provide individual services as you wish:
• arrange a transfer;
• prepare a set of paperwork;
• find a profitable and promising investment target;
• follow the agreement on;
• contact with state structures and not only.
With our help, you will not only become a homeowner in the sunny kingdom, but also acquire a new citizenship without unnecessary hassle and expenses!
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