Documents for family reunification in Germany - expert assistance

In order to move to Germany through family reunification you need not only a foreign passport and a marriage certificate, but also special documents from the receiving and entering parties
Documents for family reunification in Germany
Coming legally to Germany to visit your spouse or groom is one of the most affordable and popular ways to obtain a long-term residence permit. In addition to spouses, minor children are also entitled to stay with their family and, under certain conditions, the parents of those who reside permanently in the country and provide for themselves. Let's talk about documents for family reunification in Germany.
For spouses
A case cannot be considered without an invitation to family reunification by the husband who is willing to accept and finance the immigrant wife initially. Marriage may only be planned, but it must be documented by a certificate from the civil registry office about the application. The wife or bride should also be provided with an A1 language certificate, which includes communication on everyday topics. Spouses may not be under the age of 18 or close relatives. Health insurance will also be required to cover the first 2 weeks after arrival at the new residence.
The following documents are required from the host country for family reunification in Germany:
  1. Income certificate or bank statement that will show the level of income sufficient to exist without a claim to state aid.
  2. A contract for the lease of acceptable housing, the area of which shall be at least 12 square meters per person.
If a sham marriage is revealed, the spouses face deportation with a ban on entry or criminal punishment, so it is almost impossible to find those willing to initiate such schemes.
For children and parents
In order to apply for a family reunification in Germany with a child, you must submit the following documents:
  • host invitation for family reunification;
  • consent to leave the country from another parent;
  • confirmation of registration or residence permit from the host parent;
  • If the child is not yet born, proof of pregnancy and citizenship of one of the parents.
Children do not need to know the language unless they are 16 years old and have to prove their C1 level of German in order to continue their studies in Germany.
Help and assistance
In order not to get confused in the legislative items, please contact professionals with 16 years of experience in the field of emigration. The staff of lawyers in Germany will help to correctly and linguistically accurately describe the situation when drawing up documents. The slightest inaccuracies that can negatively affect the process are completely impossible. Your case will be handled by a personal manager, ready to answer any questions you may have at each stage. At purchase of a package of services the prices are clear in advance and are not subject to growth.