Jewish emigration to Germany 2020: assistance in processing

The list of documents for moving to Germany under the Jewish program is quite large. It is important by all rules to provide complete information about yourself, your family and ancestor.
Jewish emigration to Germany
Moving to a prosperous country of the European Union is a dream of a considerable number of our fellow citizens. Some tried to emigrate to Germany through the Jewish line, but faced refusal or changed their minds. Others recently decided to participate in a program specified for the descendants of ethnic Jews as compensation for deprivation under Nazism. We talk about Jewish emigration to Germany.
Legislative acts
Immigrants from the countries of the former USSR moved abroad at different times, so the long-standing experience of friends and relatives is not suitable for the emigration of Jews to Germany today. It is necessary to rely on modern legislation and legal practice, the details of the application of which are not always obvious.

The law on admission for permanent residence of Jewish emigrants from the Soviet Union appeared in April 1990. It was originally adopted by the People's Chamber of the German Democratic Republic, when reuniting with the Federal Republic of Germany, the law was preserved. From 1990 to 2004, Jewish emigration to Germany reached more than 230 thousand people.

Since January 1, 2005, a new law has been in force, according to which the right to move was given not only to sons and daughters, but also to the grandchildren of ethnic Jews. In 2015, the admission rules changed again, and not all of those who want to help know the nuances of the updated system.
List of documents
The main thing that is required for the emigration of Jews to Germany from Russia is to justify the origin with the help of documents issued before 1990. Nationality can be confirmed by:

· birth certificate of the applicant, as well as his siblings;
· birth certificate of one of the parents, which indicates that the grandparents are Jewish or Jewish;
· relative's military ID with identification of nationality;
· old passport of a general civilian standard;
· birth certificate of relatives;
· party certificates;
· originals of house books;
· originals of personal track records.

You will have to get a certificate of knowledge of the German language at least at the minimum level Start Deutsch 1. It applies to all adult family members who plan to move.

Applicants should provide information about education, marital status, work experience with the help of relevant documents: diplomas, marriage certificates, work books, civil and foreign passports, military IDs.
How not to make a blunder
Employees of any departments, even German ones, do not like to consider hastily executed data in a dialect unknown to them. The application for admission consists of 86 questions on 17 pages, and the more adequate the translation, the faster the positive answer will come.

It's best thing is not to aggravate the difficulty of moving with paperwork with unpredictable results. We will help with the translation and make a query from the necessary archives. When buying a package of services we provide a personal manager. Trust in our 16 years of experience and the staff of lawyers in Germany who will thoroughly verify all the data.
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