Late resettler's Antrag in non-German language

Applicants for lat resettlement to Germany often look for Antrag in their native language. Let's find out whether it is more convenient to fill in the application form in your native language or in German.
Translation of Antrag: a necessity or a waste of time?
You decided to move to Germany as a descendant of ethnic Germans and you know that it is impossible without filling out the Antrag - a detailed questionnaire in German. The first thing that many get to think about is to find an Antrag for later immigrants in their native language. This seems to make it easier to understand the requirements of the Federal Administrative Office.
Is translation necessary
Anthrag is actually a 16-page document filled with tangled questions that confuse even those who know German language. In the boxes reserved, the applicant notes information concerning his/her ancestors and his/her own belonging to the German people. The questions are clarified, but the practice has shown that they do not always dispel doubts about their completion.

The Anthrag is translated literally to other languages and does not reflect all the nuances of the bureaucratic German - the Amtsdeutsch. A correct translation of an Antrag implies knowledge of the context of the situation, without which the document requires additional comments to be understood correctly. If another language version is used, there is a risk of playing the broken telephone game: the question is translated first from one language to another and then back, losing part of its meaning on the way.

The difficulty is also that the data must be as truthful as possible. Gaps or inaccuracies that appear in the questionnaire due to a misunderstanding of the wording can have a decisive impact on the decision of officials. In addition, the application must be completed in its entirety, with no blank spaces or omissions. It is better not to look for Antrag for late migrants in other languages, but to fill in the definitive form.
How to make the process faster and easier
The application is aimed at people who are familiar with German culture and who can present information about their family's past, and do it in the right way. To avoid just translating every point of the Antrag into another language, please contact us. Our specialists will fill it out it in German according to your data. We do not need a complete set of documents to complete an Antrag, you can collect them gradually. These are:

  • passports of everyone who's planning to move to Germany;
  • birth, marriage, divorce, adoption certificates of the family members;
  • information on the German relatives: birth, marriage, death certificates;
  • diplomas and certificates;
  • employment history;
  • criminal record certificate

The specialists of our company will fill Antrag basing on the successful practice of late resettlement.
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