To establish a holding in a foreign country: advantages and specific aspects

To establish a holding in a foreign country: objectives of the procedure, benefits and advantages, specific aspects of establishing a holding entity, required information, to perform establishment with no problems.
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We establish a holding in a foreign country
A holding entity as a form of business implies several legal entities under the management of a parent company that holds the majority shares. These concepts are rather slurry in the Russian legislation unlike the legislation in Europe and other developed countries of the world. That is why holdings establishment in foreign countries can seem quite attractive for businessmen from the Russian Federation.
Key advantages
First of all, Russian entrepreneurs show interest in holdings to be established in foreign countries due to the opportunity to reduce their tax burden. Despite the fact that in most European countries businesses have to pay a significant portion of their incomes to the budget, a holding company automatically gives right for a wide range of preferences.

Moreover, a holding entity in a foreign country has a number of evident pluses:

· guaranteed confidentiality for the owner of a business;
· a special status in the opinion of your partners;
· application of a foreign jurisdiction in case of property disputes;
· a simplified system for the sale or re-registration of the parent company and subsidiaries;
· no pressure by the authorities.

Therefore, we can conclude that a holding in a foreign country is an economically feasible decision.
Specific aspects of establishing a holding
To register a holding company outside Russia, the owner of a business will need profound knowledge in different areas and fields that can be applied to the country where the procedure will be carried out. The following issues shall be taken with extra care and attention:

· the form of incorporation;
· choice of the jurisdiction;
· requirements for founders;
· requirements for the business;
· optimization of the tax base;
· connections between subsidiaries and so on.

Collection and preparation of the documents as well as preliminary calculation of costs for establishment shall also be included into the listed issues. And these are not all the issues that shall be considered by the founder. It is extremely difficult to independently get through the entire massive of the information and in some cases it is practically impossible to do that. That is you will need specialists` assistance to register a holding in a foreign country.

Our specialists will take on all the tasks on establishing a holding company including the complete legal support and presence in the country of registration instead of the client. We offer individual services and packages of services that can make establishment of a holding a quick and easy process. Our team:

· will help you choose the country;
· will help you select the form of incorporation applicable and suitable for the targets and tasks of the owner;
· will study the issues related to the charter capital;
· will tell you about the specific aspects of issuing shares;
· will explain the procedure of appointing the director.

Still this is not the complete list of services we can render to help our clients. It is our responsibility to develop proposals on financial flows arrangement, to complete shareholders agreements and prepare for the owner to be changed.

If you decide to establish a holding with our help and support you will not gain any extra troubles and optimization of costs will turn into the additional advantage of our cooperation.