We will help you to register a company in Austria

How to register a company in Austria: the benefits of registering a legal entity, the advantages of the procedure, the opportunity to buy a ready-made company, contacting professionals.
How to start a company in Austria?
Many European states are becoming platforms for a successful start of business in the international arena. Over the past few years, Russian entrepreneurs have become increasingly interested in registering a company in Austria. This step is associated with overcoming a lot of difficulties, yet it brings a lot of benefits.
Why Austria?
It is not easy to open a company in this European country primarily because of the fact that tax laws are constantly changing, and it's difficult for a non-resident to keep track of them all by himself. At the same time, however, the advantages of registering a legal entity on the territory of this state make up for a long list:

• the unquestioned credibility among the partners;
• a highly qualified workforce available;
• convenient location relative to recognized European business capitals;
• fast work of bureaucratic machine;
• access to European markets;
• the right to establish a holding company;
• opening an account in trustworthy banks;
• opportunity to obtain a residence permit for all family members;
• favourable interest rates under loan agreements;
• no property and inheritance tax;
• group taxation for legal entities of one structure;
• the system of reducing taxes on profits of legal entities and shareholders.

All in all, starting a firm in Austria would be extremely beneficial if the foreigner could sort out the nuances and amounts of mandatory payments to the state.
Procedure complexities
It is not easy for a Russian citizen to start the process on his own and pass it in due time. After all, for this he will have to:
• choose the most advantageous organizational form;
• choose a name in accordance with the law;
• prepare the registration package;
• resolve issues with the share capital;
• apply to the state authorities and not only.
At the same stage, it is recommended to determine the amount of taxation. It is very difficult to do all this without the help of specialists. In addition, the slightest mistake leads to the extension of the procedure for an indefinite period.
Specialists' work
Our team will help you register your company in Austria quickly and easily. We have the experience and the right level of professionalism to take full care of the registration process. In addition, we are ready to go out there instead of the client and act as attorneys. He will be able, without leaving the country, to get a full set of documents for the newly established firm.
Our experts also provide individual services such as:
• the arrangement of the transfer;
• preparation and transfer of papers;
• representation in state structures and not only.
Our professionals will help you buy a ready-made company, as we have a register of the most profitable legal entities in terms of ownership. With us, you can remain calm for the future of your international business!