Где купить готовую компанию в Доминикане?

Why is it better to buy a ready-made company in the Dominican Republic than to register a new offshore business? How do you buy a company with history in the Dominican Republic?
Ready-made companies in the Dominican Republic
International business on favorable tax terms is attractive for any entrepreneur. Even more so if it is conducted in such foreign-friendly states as the Dominican Republic. This country is ideal for investments. Here you can make money on real estate, telecommunications and tourism.

Customers often choose us to buy a company in the Dominican Republic. They understand that only with the help of our lawyers, the purchase will pass without complications and deception. We also recommend that you do not contact suspicious sellers. Better take advantage of our offers.
What is the difference between a purchase and a new registration?
An offshore in the Dominican Republic can also be opened as a new enterprise. In that case, you would have to:

  • write an application;
  • create a firm charter;
  • hold a general meeting and draw up its minutes;
  • confirm the investments;
  • distribute shares among the owners;
  • submit identity documents;
  • sign a partnership agreement;
  • obtain a tax number;
  • register with the social security department and deal with other bureaucratic issues.
It all taking a long time. If you don't want to wait long, you'd better pay attention to the shelf companies. These companies are already registered in all services, have a name and charter. They only need to be re-registered to a new owner.

The Dominican business advantages
Buying a ready-made offshore company with history in this country, you:

  • Will not have to pay taxes for 20 years after the opening of the firm.
  • Will be able to take advantage of favorable working conditions in free industrial zones.
  • Will gain access to key markets and important sea routes.
  • Will not submit reports or tax returns.
You should also understand that vintage companies already have a known name and a reliable history. They look more attractive in the eyes of potential partners than new businesses.

Call us and find out how to buy a company in the Dominican Republic. We will help you choose the right firm and re-register it to a new owner.