Establish a business in Sweden? Expert assistance.

How to establish a small business in Sweden: advantages of jurisdiction, requirements for applicants, registration procedure, difficulties of the process, professional services, purchasing a company.
Benefits of establishing a small business in Sweden
The authorities of the Kingdom of Sweden are interested in increasing the number of successful entrepreneurs. So, it is financially profitable and promising to register a company in this Scandinavian country.
Jurisdiction Benefits
Those who have already managed to establish a business in Sweden can easily list the advantages they have received:

  • high level of economic development;
  • the most flexible tax regulations in Western Europe;
  • clear system of registration of legal entities;
  • reliable banking system;
  • competitive market;
  • low level of corruption;
  • privileged getting a residence permit;
  • clear legislative framework;
  • fast work of the bureaucratic machine;
  • governmental support.

The last aspect is most important for those who are just planning to register a company. The kingdom has developed many special programs:
recovery of half of the costs for paying wages for the employment of socially vulnerable citizens of countries for organizations;

  • grants for promising inventions;
  • granting loans at 9-12%;
  • free consultations in the communes

The most promising sectors in Sweden are:

  • IT technology;
  • medicine;
  • architecture;
  • transport services.
  • design peculiarities
Fine points of processing
Non-residents should bear in mind that only two legal forms of enterprise are available to them. Moreover, these are hardly the only restrictions and requirements for applicants:

  • language skills;
  • drawing up a business plan;
  • the availability of funds to pay for the authorized capital and living in the state.

This procedure is not more difficult for Russian residents than for other foreigners. First of all, they need to collect a package of documents:

  • charter;
  • set of charter documents;
  • statement;
  • confirmation of the authorized capital deposit;
  • documentary evidence of the stock of shares separation.

Further, the applicant will need to contact Bolagsverket and pay the state fee. Its size depends on the legal form and averages 210 euros.
You can establish the business for 2 hours in the remote mode in case you have necessary experience and documents. But t is extremely difficult for usual foreign entrepreneur to master all by himself. That's why it is important to place confidence in specialists at the initial stage.
Specialist Services
Our team can help you to establish a company in Sweden on a turnkey basis. It includes all the efforts to formalize a legal entity. If necessary, our representatives will go to the site to resolve issues with government agencies.
We provide special services as well:

  • Transfer
  • charter documents preparation
  • translations of documents
  • opening of bank account
  • business assistance and more.

For those who does not wait we recommend to purchase ready-made company. We collect only liquid and prospective companies with own client base in our register.
We will help you to be successful in the international field!
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