Company registration in Romania – expert services

How to establish a company in Romania: key benefits of the jurisdiction, particular aspects of the registration, difficulties in processing, expert pieces of advice, purchasing of a company.
How to set up a company in Romania?
Countries of the European Union are a favorable platform for launching a business. That is why registering a company there is considered to be a successful start-up on the international level by many entrepreneurs.
Advantages of the jurisdiction
The country had not been thought of as a beneficial investment project until quite recently. Although establishing a firm in it is profitable due to the following reasons:
  • Open access to European trading platforms;
  • Minimum amount of nominal capital;
  • Possibility to execute documents remotely;
  • Lack of forex control;
  • Reduction of loan rates;
  • Stable economic situation;
  • Tax exemption;
  • Government program of supporting small and medium-sized businesses;
  • Price decrease in housing and communal services;
  • Opportunity to receive residence permit;
  • Permission for non-residents to put up the capital in any industrial field.
It is financially gainful for a foreigner to register a company in the particular economic sectors:
  • Extraction and processing of commercial minerals;
  • Tourism;
  • Agriculture;
  • Transportation;
  • Trading.
Service industry is the least developed on the territory of the state, so it is possible to fill a market niche.
Peculiarities of the procedure
Prior to registration, one has to collect a full set of documents:

  • Organizational set;
  • License of the declarant legal state;
  • Confirmation of debts lack at home and abroad;
  • Letter of attorney from all the shareholders;
  • Testimonial letters;
  • Identification copies and more.
All the documents must be translated into Romanian and recorded by a notary.
It is also necessary:

  • To come up with a name corresponding to certain regulations and hand it over on examination;
  • Rent a registered office with a concluded use agreement for 1-2 years;
  • Open a bank account and put the necessary amount of money on it.
In addition to that, non-residents will have to attend some state institutions:

  • Trade and investments centre;
  • Exit and entry administration;
  • Trade register;
  • LI;
  • Fiscal centre.
Standard process takes about 2-3 weeks with all the check-ups, but in fact, an entrepreneur has to spend up to 5-6 weeks on formal issues. One can deal with all the questions in no time by addressing professionals.
Expert services
Our team will help you to establish a ready-to-operate company in Romania. We will manage all the trouble on registering a legal entity including leaving abroad.
We can also give assistance on separate stages of the process:

  • Organize transfer;
  • Translate the documents;
  • Request references and confirmation;
  • Go through the legal entity's name and more.

You can also purchase a ready-made company from the range of liquid enterprises.
Even the most complicated tasks are easy with us!