Establishing of company in Serbia – specialist services.

How to establish a company in Serbia; advantages of doing business in republic, fine points and difficulties of procedure, appeal to specialists, list of services.
Is it easy to establish a company in Serbia?
The economy of the Serbian Republic has gone through a period of stagnation and is now in the development stage. Therefore, the idea of registering a company in the state looks extremely attractive for the majority of foreign entrepreneurs.
Jurisdiction Benefits
Opening a company in Serbia is promising and financially profitable. And confirmation of this is a long list of the advantages of doing business in the republic:
  • a large number of free niches;
  • lack of bureaucratic delays;
  • a policy of loyalty to small and medium-sized businesses;
  • the ability to register real estate under the ownership;
  • free market principles followed by the authorities;
  • inviolability of foreign investment;
  • duty-free access to European markets;
  • getting a residence permit without waiting and additional costs;
  • minimum office maintenance costs;
  • lack of double taxation;
  • flexible fiscal mode;
  • stable banking system;
  • the presence of a remote procedure for organizing legal entities;
  • annual growth in the rating of the state brand;
  • special business support programs.
Before establishing a company, it shall be taken into account that the authorities actively support small projects. If a non-resident decides to take up an ambitious aim, then the risk of artificially created obstacles is high.
The businessman will get the most profit if he decides to register a company for work in the following industries:
  • catering;
  • retail trade;
  • food production;
  • beauty salons and spa centers.
Processing Nuances
In order to open a company in Serbia, you will need to go through 14 procedures of a different nature. First of all, citizens of the Russian Federation and other states should:

  • choose the legal form of the enterprise;
  • take care of a valid legal address;
  • invent and check on the basis the name of the legal entity;
  • prepare a set of founding documents;
  • make an apostille;
  • open an account with a financial institution;
  • pay a fee;
  • contribute constituent capital and not only.
Also, the owner of a legal entity needs to declare it in several controlling structures:

  • AgencijazaPriivredneRegistre;
  • tax authority;
  • pension fund;
  • insurance service and others.
It is almost impossible to do everything yourself correctly in the established week, therefore it is advisable to turn to the services of experienced and competent specialists.
It is almost impossible to do everything by yourself correctly in the given week, therefore it is advisable to turn to the services of experienced and competent specialists.
Expert help
Our company offers you to open a company in Serbia on a turnkey basis. We will take care of all the worries and deliver you a ready-made set of documents. If our help is needed at certain stages of the procedure, then we will be as well useful in:

  • organizing a transfer;
  • collecting documents;
  • making a transfer;
  • filling out applications etc.

You can buy a ready-made company from us by selecting the appropriate option from the extensive updated registry.
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